Your hair transplant experience

Your hair transplant experience

From initial consultation to your final results

Your hair transplant experience

A hair transplant starts with the choice to enhance your appearance positively. Numerous patients share with us that their reflection in the mirror or image in photos doesn’t align with their inner self-perception, impacting their self-confidence.

From initial consultation to long-term follow-up, Follicle HT’s approach is to make each patient’s experience totally comfortable.

Your hair transplant journey


Your hair transplant experience


You can express all your concerns in your first detailed consultation with one of our certified surgeons. We will guide you on the optimal combination of medical treatments and hair transplantation techniques tailored to your needs. For convenience, these initial consultations can take place face-to-face or through telemedicine.

Your journey

On the day of your hair transplant, you will attend our fully accredited surgical facility where you can expect a safe and comfortable hair transplant experience. Dr. Korman is in fact the Lead Assessor for Cosmetic Surgery for the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario and is himself a professional assessor of out of hospital surgical facilities so you can be assured that at Follicle HT, we adhere to the highest standards of safety and sterility.

Your hair transplant experience

Before the surgery

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our team and complete our infection control screening protocol. You will then meet with your surgeon to review any changes in your medical history, current medications, or allergies. You will then review the goals and objectives of the procedure and the planned hairline will be carefully marked out, taking into account your current and anticipated future hair loss patterns. Your transplant will be designed to look completely natural and undetectable. Pre-operative photographs will be taken for future reference and comparison.

Donor area preparation

Once the plan is finalized and all of your questions have been answered, you will change into a comfortable gown and be given light oral sedation and pain medication.

Upon entering the procedure room, meticulous preparation of the donor area at the back and sides of the scalp will start. Only a narrow strip of hair will be trimmed for those undergoing an FUT procedure. For individuals undergoing an FUE procedure, a larger area will be prepared. Next, you will be positioned face down on something similar to a massage table, and local freezing will be administered. This part of the procedure can be associated with discomfort, but almost all patients report it as minor.


Following this, you’ll be positioned face-down on a treatment table, where local anesthesia will be administered. Hair transplantation is conducted under local rather than general anesthesia; hence, intravenous administration is seldom necessary for our patients. While this phase of the procedure may entail some discomfort, nearly all patients find it to be minor.

Harvesting the grafts

After thoroughly numbing the scalp, the surgeon and their team harvest the grafts. This precise task is conducted under magnification to ensure each delicate hair follicle is carefully selected and extracted. For those undergoing a FUT procedure, the donor area is meticulously sutured using our “trichophytic” technique, encouraging hair growth directly through the scar to minimize visibility. In contrast, stitches are unnecessary for those undergoing an FUE procedure as the donor sites are smaller than one millimetre in diameter and will naturally heal within a few days.

Recipient Site Creation

After harvesting the grafts and while our team prepares them for implantation, the doctor will apply local anesthesia to the recipient areas where the follicles will be placed. This step may cause mild discomfort for a few minutes. Then, your surgeon will meticulously create the recipient sites to define your new hairline. This aspect of the procedure showcases the artistry and expertise of your surgeon, emphasizing their skill and experience.

Implanting the follicular units

Once the hairline is established, the team will dedicate several hours to precisely implanting the follicular units into the recipient sites crafted by your surgeon. At Follicle HT, we employ pre-made sites and “stick and place” methods to achieve precision. This method enables fine-tuning and micro-adjustments throughout the process, ensuring a natural outcome.

Your hair transplant experience

The hair transplant procedure usually takes most of the day, so you will be provided with lunch, snacks, and plenty of breaks. Most patients pass the day by listening to music or podcasts, watching Netflix or movies, or simply unwinding. It is a long day, but our patients report it is a comfortable and relaxing experience.

As the procedure winds down at the end of the day, the team will go over all of your aftercare instructions in detail. You will be told exactly how to care for the donor and recipient areas and your prescriptions will be reviewed. You will be provided with a “care package” including written instructions and some gauze and pads. We encourage you to have a friend or family member pick you up because driving is not permitted after receiving prescription medications.

Recovery following hair transplantation is generally uncomplicated, with minimal discomfort. We provide prescriptions to help with discomfort and healing, as well as detailed instructions on how to care for the donor and recipient areas.

If you are having an FUE procedure, no stitches are necessary as the donor sites are less than one millimeter in diameter and will heal over by themselves withing a few days. Most people elect to take a week off of in-person work following a hair transplant as we do expect some swelling and scabbing in the recipient areas. Light exercise can be resumed after 7-10 days. Our office staff is always available to answer any questions.

When You see the effect of hair transplant?

Transplanted hair follicles typically start to grow within 2-3 months. Some patients may opt for medical treatments like injection therapy to stimulate graft growth and safeguard surrounding non-transplanted hair from further loss. By four to six months, many patients observe considerable enhancement, with the full impact of the transplant usually evident within 12 to 18 months. The transplanted hair is your own and will continue to grow indefinitely.

Outstanding Results


36-year-old male shown approximately one year following 2100 follicular units obtained via FUT.



56 year old woman approximately 1 year out of approximately 1700 follicular units via FUT



55-year-old male underwent 3600 follicular units in 2 sessions.



Our Hair Loss Self Evaluation tool can help you decide if a hair transplant is the right procedure for you.


Your hair transplant journey begins with your decision to make a positive change.

At Follicle HT, our philosophy is that modern hair transplantation is a freedom granting procedure. We strive to help all our patients look and feel their very best by having the full range of options available.

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