Eyebrow Restoration in Toronto

Eyebrow Restoration in Toronto

Eyebrows can be missing or thinning for several reasons, such as over-plucking, alopecia, scars caused by facial injury or burns, or even natural ageing.

At Follicle HT Hair Transplant Clinic in Toronto, our board-certified surgeons, Dr Mark Korman and Dr Philip Solomon, offer a revolutionary eyebrow transplant called eyebrow hair implants. This procedure uses the FUE Hair Transplant technique. We help patients in Toronto build on a thinning or damaged eyebrow. We can also create a natural-looking, realistic eyebrow for those with no hair at all.

Can eyebrows be transplanted?

Yes, eyebrow hair transplants are possible! We can recreate an entire eyebrow using donor hair thanks to the FUE transplant technique. These grafts are commonly known as eyebrow implants.

How does an eyebrow transplant work?

At Follicle HT Hair Transplant Clinic in Toronto, an eyebrow transplant is a procedure similar to a hair transplant that aims to rebuild your natural eyebrows. The procedure involves removing hair from the scalp and transplanting it into the eyebrows to improve eyebrow thinning and build fuller brows.
Donor hairs are harvested from the back of the scalp using the FUE technique and then prepared under a microscope to extract individual follicular units.
Donor hair is then inserted into the sparse areas of the eyebrows or around the entire eyebrow area to create natural-looking eyebrows using a needle under a high-magnification microscope.

Eyebrow grafting is a delicate procedure performed by our board-certified surgeons, Dr Mark Korman and Dr Philip Solomon, requiring the perfect placement of hairs in tiny incisions angled in the right direction and positioned to mimic natural growth. No scalpel or stitches are needed. Patients will regain their natural eyebrows with no side effects.

How long do eyebrow transplants last?

Eyebrow transplants are a permanent solution for eyebrow implants and can be performed at our hair restoration clinic in Toronto. Using the FUE technique, these procedures last a lifetime. Eyebrow growth will be visible between four and six months after the process. You’ll start to see the final aesthetic result after approximately ten months.

Are you looking for a solution to thinning eyebrows in Toronto?

At Follicle HT Hair Transplant Clinic in Toronto, our board-certified surgeons, Dr Mark Korman and Dr Philip Solomon, are here to answer any of your questions regarding eyebrow transplant, hair loss and restoration.

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