FUT Hair Transplant - Expertise and Precision at FOLLICLE HT, Toronto

FUT Hair Transplant – Expertise and Precision at FOLLICLE HT, Toronto

FOLLICLE HT, a renowned Toronto hair transplant clinic led by board-certified surgeons Dr. Mark Korman and Dr. Phil Solomon, is at the forefront of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedures. This advanced technique offers a reliable solution for those seeking to remedy significant hair loss.

Understanding FUT Hair Transplant

FUT, performed by the expert hands of Dr Mark Korman and Dr Phil Solomon at FOLLICLE HT, involves removing a strip of hair-bearing skin from the back of the scalp. This strip is then meticulously dissected into individual follicular units transplanted into the balding areas. This method is renowned for its effectiveness in covering more significant areas of hair loss in a single session.

Benefits of FUT at Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic

Choosing FUT at FOLLICLE HT, under the expertise of Doctors Mark Korman and Phil Solomon, offers several advantages:

  • Adequate coverage: Ideal in cases of significant hair loss, FUT allows many follicles to be transplanted in a single session.
  • High graft viability: It guarantees a high survival rate for transplanted hair.
  • Cost-effective: Often more economical than other techniques for higher areas.
  • Natural results: The hair is transplanted into its natural group, giving a more authentic appearance.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

The best candidates for FUT at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic are the following:

  • People with significant hair loss.
  • People prefer to wear long hair, as it can easily cover the linear scar.
  • Patients who want a unique, large-scale procedure.
  • Experienced care at FOLLICLE HT

Led by Dr. Mark Korman and Dr. Phil Solomon, FOLLICLE HT offers FUT and a personalized approach to hair restoration. Their extensive experience ensures that each procedure is tailored to their patient’s unique needs and goals.

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