FUT Hair transplant by experienced board-certified surgeons

FUT Hair transplant by experienced board-certified surgeons

FUT, or follicular unit transplantation, is a surgical procedure to gather hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head. Our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Mark Korman and Dr. Philip Solomon perform this procedure at their Toronto, Ontario, clinic. They use precise techniques to remove a skin strip containing hair follicles. These follicles are then dissected under a microscope. Transplantation then occurs in the areas of baldness & or low hair density. This procedure, though useful, has been replaced mainly with FUE or follicular unit extraction.

Facts on FUT Hair Transplantation

  • FUT or follicular unit transplantation is also known as strip harvesting hair transplantation
  • This procedure gives equally good outcomes compared to newer FUE or follicular unit extraction methods.
  • The majority of hair transplantation is done via FUE
  • Scarring post-FUT is more as it involves formal excision of the scalp
  • Recovery times following FUT are longer than FUE, again in the context of the donor site
  • The fundamental difference between FUE & FUT is in the donor-site harvesting of hair follicles

How is FUT hair surgery performed?

There are four steps to undertake for follicular unit transplantation.

  1. Donor harvesting of follicles. The donor zone is identified & prepared. Surgical removal of a strip of scalp is performed under local anesthesia. This strip measures 1-2cm in height & 18 to 23 cm long. It requires internal stitches to sew up the donor area.
  2. Microscopic dissection by a t With FUT Strip Harvest procedures, the donor strip is placed under the microscope, explicitly designed for hair restoration surgery. Then the donor strip is dissected into individual follicular units of one to four hairs.
  3. Recipient site preparation. Your dermatologist creates recipient sites in the proper angle, direction and orientation according to your hair growth pattern. This involves the creation of a suitable hairline, & future hairstyle, explicitly designed for you.
  4. Graft transplantation. Individual follicular units are then placed into the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. This can be done with a microblade incision or a particular instrument.

Will I have a scar following FUT hair transplantation?

Yes. Unfortunately, this is the biggest drawback of FUT transplantation, as this procedure involves removing scalp tissue. This means most patients must keep long hair to hide the scar. Scar length is typically 11 to 14 cm.

FUE hair transplant within the scar line can reduce the appearance of scars. However, there will still be a colour difference.

How many sessions are required?

It depends on the stage of androgenic alopecia you are at. A second-stage procedure may be required for younger patients in 5 to 10 years.

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