Resuming activities after hair transplantation in Toronto

Resuming activities after hair transplantation in Toronto

One of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplant surgery is, “When will I be able to resume routine activities after surgery?” To be concerned about resuming activities after hair transplantation is natural and justified, as people cannot afford more days off work. You have come to the right place if you also have similar concerns. We will share with you post-transplant recovery and the maximum time you will take to resume work. But one thing you should remember is that hair transplant surgery has the shortest recovery time compared to other surgeries. Most patients go to their offices the very next day of the surgery, but this varies significantly from person to person.

The time you take to return to work depends mainly on the exact type of transplant and the nature of your work. Every hair transplant causes a different degree of trauma to the scalp and has a different healing time. Resuming work within a day or two after a hair transplant is often possible, but it depends on the graft extraction method used and the number of grafts transplanted. Board-certified surgeons should always perform hair transplant surgery. FOLLICLE HT is a Hair Transplant Toronto clinic by experienced board-certified surgeons Dr. Mark Korman and Dr. Philip Solomon.

Resuming activities after strip method transplant (FUT):

Traditional strip method transplant, also known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), causes a prominent linear wound at the donor site, which takes at least a couple of weeks to heal. This prevents you from indulging in strenuous exercises for several weeks after the surgery. Usually, the stitches at the donor area are removed on the 7th day. However, even after removing stitches, you may be asked to continue applying some ointment to the wound to ensure quick and uneventful healing. But, since it takes 6 to 10 days for the newly transplanted hairs to attach themselves to the blood supply, you may be asked to avoid washing and massaging your scalp vigorously for at least two weeks. While you may be allowed to resume non-strenuous routine activities after a week or so, resuming exercise, running, jogging, and swimming may not be allowed for 4 to 5 weeks.

Resuming Activities After Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

Follicular Unit Extraction is the relatively more advanced and less invasive transplantation method. It does not involve cutting and stitching the scalp and thus has a relatively brief recovery time. While a FUT hair transplant may prevent you from resuming work for up to a week, FUE involves a maximum downtime of two to three days. After that, you will be allowed to get back to work. However, since the transplantation phase for both surgeries is the same and needs the same time to recover, you will not be allowed to carry out strenuous activities for a month or so.

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